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Thermal Imaging


Thermal imaging utilizes advanced infrared technology and capabilities found in tactical military combat, critical medical applications, aerospace, and more recently in the protection of fine art around the world.

Cloud 9’s certified thermal imaging specialists utilize this same technology to help Southwest Florida’s  home and business owners, home buyers, real estate investors, residential and commercial property management firms, general contractors, home builders, home inspectors, real estate specialists, and numerous other industries uncover minor problems before they become a major financial burden. In fact, infrared thermal imaging technology can assist with many environmental and building concerns and greatly reduce the escalation of damage and repair costs associated with them.

Infrared thermal imaging has the unique ability to provide critical information about previously inaccessible areas located within a residential or commercial building. Cloud 9 Thermal Imaging's cameras detect small, but crucial differences in temperature from one location to another. It is these temperature variations that become visible on the camera screen which reveal hidden problems that simply cannot be seen through traditional visual inspections.

As such, infrared thermal imaging in the hands of Cloud 9 Home Watch & Thermal Imaging’s certified technicians can quickly identify unknown problem areas that can't be seen by the naked eye; saving you time, money, and financial heartache.


When our inspection has been completed, Cloud 9 certified thermologists will compile a custom report outlining any potential problem areas detected along with images captured during the scanning process. Armed with this high tech data, home and business owners are able to evaluate corrective measures and take action before an issue has the opportunity to become a major crisis.


With your most prized investment at stake, how can you afford NOT to have a complete thermal imaging inspection today?


Call Shane or John now to schedule your thermal home inspection...

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