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Delivering powerful thermal technology information and home services aimed at protecting your most prized investments.

Home Watch Services

Home Watch
We value your time so we included below all the steps we take to ensure your property is safe while away. Just so you know, we don't like to toot our own horn, but here is one of the few places we will in order to convey all that we do to protect your investment. We do know what we are doing, so I'll warn you up front, it's quite an extensive list of things.

At Cloud 9 Home Watch, we take care to provide our customers high quality, personalized services for their unique needs. Please understand this is NOT your neighbor 'looking in on your place'. This is a full time professional home watch company that uses cutting-edge technology and has over 30 years of combined property management experience. To this end, Shane or John are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Our Home Watch Services ensure your home is kept safe while you're away. In addition to making sure your home stays as secure as possible from water damage, we seek to identify potential problems before they become absolute tragedies. Second on our list of priorities is your home's security which is why we include visual exterior and interior examinations as part of our Standard Home Watch package. This is not limited to ground level checks of all potential entry points including screens, side doors and garage keypads. In other words, we do not simply or blindly trust a green light on your security system alarm pad...WE ACTUALLY LOOK!
What we will do for you while you are away!
While you’re away our Cloud 9 Home Watch & Thermal Imaging’s staff will conduct regularly scheduled inspections to verify that all doors, windows, and entryways are secure.  We monitor the temperature, humidity and humidistat controls within your home or investment property. Ground inspections and removal of any debris, newspapers, or flyers that are found on the grounds are completed. We’ll collect and forward any mail that arrives in your absence. Security systems are monitored as well as outdoor security lighting. Our staff will also visually inspect your property for signs of mildew, mold, and leaks. If the water is left on, we will run the faucets, showers and toilets each month to help eliminate odors and toilet rings. We can secure the property for the season or during your vacation as well as open and close the house as needed. Cloud 9 will even check on third parties such as landscapers, pool services, and pest control to ensure that your property is being properly maintained and start and move your car monthly. As a value added service, we can provide weekly email updates along with pictures (if desired) of your home’s status.
If you need a specialized program, we can accommodate most requests with your choice of 99 points of inspection available.
Upon Arrival we inspect:
*Signs of insect or rodent incursion in trash can area *Exterior check of grounds, pool and spa
*Lawn and landscaping, irrigation services, sprinklers *Visual check of outdoor light fixtures
*Visual exterior check, damage to house, roof, grounds
*Exterior doors, windows, shutters
*Leaflets, newspapers or junk mail are collected
*AC units, fence, mail box, and outside water spigots.
Enter home, check security system:
*Check furniture, cabinets, structures and coverings are secure or in place
*Turn on all sources of water to flush water traps
*Check breaker box for tripped or heated breakers
*Inspect all appliances for proper operation
*Visually inspect all surfaces for signs of potential mold growth
Interior Inspection by Performing a Thorough Walk Through:
 *Security systems are operational
 *All windows and doors are closed and locked
 *Visible signs of water leaks around doors, windows, walls  and ceilings
 *Signs of leaks in bathroom plumbing and hot water heater
 *Visual check for signs of water damage, mold and mildew, including baseboards, ceilings, walls and floors
 *Cycle the water: Flush toilets and run water in sinks, (including garbage disposal), tubs and showers are performing satisfactorily
 *Physically feel flex lines and drains for water all sinks, toilets, laundry sink
 *Check the hot water heater – it must be turned off at circuit breaker when water main is off
 *Check for insects, pests and rodents
 *Short cycle dishwasher
 *Short cycle washing machine
 *Check closets and storage cabinets
 *Verify AC and de‐humidistat settings; adjust as necessary
 *Visible signs of leaks in kitchen and utility room plumbing
 *Refrigerator and freezer are cooling properly
 *Check wine coolers for proper temp and operation
 *Make sure icemaker is in ‘Off’ position
 *Curtains and blinds are closed, per owner’s request
 *Reset clocks after power outage
 *Check circuit breaker panels
 *Check garage and make sure door to garage is locked
 *Put out/take in trash as necessary
 *Check humidity in home humidors




Make sure your most valued investment stays safe, secure, and in its best possible shape while your away from home. Call Cloud 9 Home Watch & Thermal Imaging today.

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