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Delivering powerful thermal technology information and home services aimed at protecting your most prized investments.

Thermal Imaging Services

Our Certified Thermal Inspectors use the latest infrared to see your home the way human eyes never could!
Human eyes see a dry ceiling...    Cloud9 eyes detect a leak...












Imagine this is your Florida home. You have hired              Same senerio except...YOU'VE HIRED US!
a Home Watch company and they've just completed            Because WE can 'see' this leak we simply call
their thorough inspection and have found nothing.             one of our experts to set up machines to pull
With this company YOUR ceiling will need replaced.          this moisture out of this ceiling and thus...   They can't see the leak without Thermal Imaging!     Your ceiling does NOT need replaced!
Want to see more examples??? The Condo leak is my personal residence. The lady upstairs overfilled her sink and it literally started 'raining' from one of the can lights in my ceiling.
                                                      Click one of our sample PDF reports
















So please ask yourself...
Which professional Home Watch Company would YOU rather have monitoring your most prized investments?
One that cannot see a minor leak until it's too late?  
One that can?
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